Donor-funded QEII MR Fusion technology enhancing prostate cancer care

A digital image of MR Fusion technology images is displayed on a screen

Pictured: MR Fusion technology provides clear, live images during biopsies. This will help provide more accurate and earlier diagnosis of suspected prostate cancer.

One in seven. That’s how many men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Though it’s the most common cancer in men, prostate cancer is also highly treatable.

Now, thanks in part to our incredible QEII Foundation donor community, prostate cancer diagnosis and care has taken a leap forward, propelled by new advancements in surgical imaging technology.

In fall 2022, the QEII Health Sciences Centre became the first hospital in Atlantic Canada to use advanced, real-time technology that fuses magnetic resonance images (MRI) with ultrasound images to allow surgeons to perform even more precise, guided biopsies of suspected prostate cancer.

This new MR fusion technology provides much clearer, live images during surgeries. The technology will be used for select patients referred by their urologist – approximately 500 QEII patients per year.

The technology was brought to the QEII by a collaboration between the QEII Foundation, the QEII departments of urology and diagnostic imaging, and Nova Scotia Health’s Information Management and Technology team. Our generous QEII Foundation donors funded about $450,000 of the $600,000 cost.

“This is a huge step forward in providing the absolute best care for our patients, leading to early detection of prostate cancer and better treatment outcomes, as good as any other hospital in North America," said Dr. Greg Bailly, QEII Chief of Urology, who led the push for the technology.

Thanks to the new MR fusion technology, the QEII can remain cutting-edge to support timely cancer diagnosis and treatment – all to provide excellent care for patients in our communities.

“QEII Foundation donors continue to step up and help health care in the region reach new heights,” said Susan Mullin, QEII Foundation President and CEO.  

“The real impact of this milestone is the patients who are accessing the best treatment with the hopes of the best outcomes possible. We are grateful to work with donors who share our vision to transform health care and today’s new treatment for prostate cancer is just one example of philanthropy at its best.”