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    CT Simulation Technology

    The CT Simulator is the one piece of equipment that has the greatest impact on every cancer patient undergoing radiation treatment at the QEII. Without it, radiation can’t happen.

Each year, 7,000 Nova Scotians are diagnosed with cancer. Nearly half will need radiation treatment. Donors, like you, can help each of these cancer patients and their families.

Support CT simulation today and help bring personalized, world-leading cancer care to the QEII for every patient who needs it. 



Dr. Amanda Caissie
QEII Radiation Oncologist, Interim Head, Department of Radiation Oncology
A word from Dr. Amanda Caissie

By making a gift today, you are supporting the one piece of equipment that has the greatest impact on cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment at the QEII. Your generosity will help approximately 3,000 patients each year – every patient walking into our radiotherapy centre.


Making Life-Saving Treatment Possible

Technology is ever-changing and the CT Simulator is no different. With better technology comes better treatment. Adding new state-of-the-art CT simulation technology means improved outcomes and higher cure rates for cancer patients.

Here’s what you can make possible by supporting CT simulation technology:


SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASE WAIT TIMES — allowing patients to begin their radiation treatments on time and without delays

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INCREASE DAILY CAPACITY of CT simulation imaging, meaning more patients are scanned each day

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UNLOCK NEW TREATMENT METHODS thanks to new, advanced technology features

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IMPROVED OUTCOMES AND HIGHER CURE RATES — as patients have access to new, state-of-the-art CT simulation earlier

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