• doctor and patient at the nuclear medicine scanner

    A new era in nuclear medicine

    With donor support, the QEII is on track to be the first health centre in Canada to have the most advanced nuclear medicine technology in the world — a game-changer for patients facing life-altering diseases.

Double your impact today. Your gift to support new nuclear medicine scanners will be 2X matched by the physicians who use this technology every day. Your support means more targeted treatments and better outcomes for patients. 

Your donation today will be matched by QEII radiology and nuclear medicine physicians, having 2X the impact on patients. Thank you for providing more accurate diagnosis and treatment options at the QEII.



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Dr. Steven Burrell, MD | FRCPC
Head of Nuclear Medicine, QEII Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Steven Burrell, MD | FRCPC

This new technology is unlike any advancement that’s happened in nuclear medicine in my 20-year career. It’s a quantum leap forward. It will change lives. With support from donors like you, we can bring the best nuclear medicine scanners in the world to QEII patients and their families.

Nuclear medicine is a unique, specialized field within diagnostic imaging. This often behind-the-scenes care area is transforming the way diseases are diagnosed, treated and managed across many areas of medicine.

You can be part of the new era in nuclear medicine. Here are some of the key benefits when you support this project:

Earlier detection and more accurate assessment and monitoring of disease, thanks to improved image quality.
Recruitment and retention of top medical talent, and the training of next-generation technologists and physicians as an academic teaching centre.
Position the QEII as a national leader and centre of excellence in nuclear medicine imaging.
Enhancing patient comfort and experience, by cutting some scan times in half for patients living with cancer and heart disease.
Address current staff shortages currently impacting health care, thanks to technology efficiencies, requiring fewer human resources.
Unlock access to novel treatment options, clinical trials and research studies with this latest technology.