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    Ketamine Treatment Program

    Ensuring Nova Scotians have accessible and equitable mental health care support.

With donor support, Nova Scotia’s first Ketamine Treatment Program will be established at the QEII Health Sciences Centre — providing life-changing treatment for the estimated 17,000 Nova Scotians living with treatment-resistant depression.

Ketamine is an evidence-based treatment that has been shown to bring remarkable — almost immediate — relief to severe and untreatable cases of depression. But barriers to access are high as it is not publicly funded in Nova Scotia.

Your gift today will help people access timely, appropriate treatment that has been out of reach in Nova Scotia — until now. Join us.



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Ketamine is considered the last line of defense for patients living with treatment-resistant depression. And in the most extreme cases, it can reduce suicidal ideations. Every Nova Scotian who could benefit from Ketamine treatment deserves the option.

Here are some of the key benefits when you support this project:

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Make health care more equitable and accessible, ensuring Ketamine treatment is available to vulnerable populations who have fewer resources. 
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Develop a critical care model, that will be the catalyst for a sustainable Ketamine program in Nova Scotia, accessible to every patient who will benefit in the future.
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Create a safe space for patients to receive Ketamine treatments in a clinical setting designed for their comfort and care during visits.
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Ensure patients have the proper access to treatments to address their primary health concerns, helping to alleviate unnecessary treatments and hospital visits. 
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Establish a Ketamine program health team dedicated to the delivery and growth of this initiative, ensuring its future success. 
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Provide hope and relief for patients who have exhausted all other treatment options.