• Opening QEII Sim Bay

    Opening QEII Sim Bay

    Setting standards across North America.

100 per cent donor funded, QEII Sim Bay is a training hub – for paramedics, respiratory therapists, nurses and doctors – among other health care professionals.

Take a virtual tour of QEII Sim Bay.

A result of the QEII Foundation’s simulation-based learning campaign

In the 1970s, surgeons practiced basic suturing skills by plunging a needle into an orange. In 2019, the standards – and possibilities – are beyond what they could have imagined.

While the QEII had an ambulance bay prior to the Simulation Learning campaign, it was a space that needed major renovations to be up to code; including updated electrical. Even the greatest teachers struggle in the dark.

A $100,000 lead gift from Don Horne inspired the community to step up and create a brand new Sim Bay – a hub of excellence that would be pivotal in its ability to attract great minds and encourage them to stay and practice locally.