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    Accelerating health transformation and pushing innovation forward.

Curiosity is the beginning of innovation. It is that little spark that allows someone to see the ‘what if’ and imagine what a future state could be.

Big or small, one key component exists with any innovation and its ability to be successful - people. And the QEII Health Sciences Centre is full of brilliant minds with life-changing ideas to transform health care.

There is an opportunity today to bolster those brilliant minds and make a tangible difference in the lives of patients and families by helping to fund innovation grants for healthcare scientists.

The Innovation Catalyst Fund will rapidly move forward innovative ideas emerging from QEII leaders.

This Fund, modeled after an existing approach by Nova Scotia Health, provides strategic financial support to concepts that have the potential to transform local care and provide global solutions that will improve the lives of patients. Solutions centred around refining systems, building prototypes, performing beta trials and simulations, launching field studies, and demonstrating proof of concept.


By taking a nimble and responsive approach, we can design, develop, adopt, and accelerate innovations that unlock better care and improve outcomes. The grants provided by the Innovation Catalyst Fund will rapidly fast-track innovative concepts into practice.



The funds will be awarded through a unique event called QEII Foundation’s Innovation Den. Here’s how it will work.

By working closely with Nova Scotia Health’s innovation team, a call for project submissions will go out to experienced and emerging innovators. Locally driven projects will be evaluated and vetted based on several key factors including a clear objective with measures in place for evaluation, scalability potential, and overall ability to advance clinical care and patient outcomes.

The QEII Foundation’s Innovation Den was held in November 2023. Six finalists were selected to pitch their project to a panel of judges and a group of Den Questioners. Each presenter walked away with funding to propel their project. Meet the 2023 winners and learn more about how they ar transforming health care on a local and global scale. 


2024 QEII Innovation Den

On November 14, 2024, six Den Presenters will pitch their project and walk away with funding to support their idea. 


Medical Breakthrough Stream

Awarded to those who are bringing a medical discovery forward that may include an innovative product or device, a new therapy or treatment, or improved diagnosis for patients. Innovators in this stream will either plan to or currently have a registered business.

Comfort and care grants









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 Rising Innovator Award for Health



Next Big Idea Stream

Awarded to healthcare staff who have identified a gap in patient support or opportunity for system transformation that want to take their idea to the next stage. These projects could make a positive impact on how care is accessed, delivered, or experienced and have the potential to increase efficiencies, reduce health system costs, improve patient equity, or sustainability of care.

Comfort and care grants

Health Care Champion Award


Health Innovation Leader Award


Emergency and Trauma Care

One to Watch 



When we combine the ingenuity of science and breakthrough thinking with the power of philanthropy, anything is possible. We invite you to be on the leading edge of research