• hybrid

    Atlantic Canada’s first hybrid OR

    Uniting diagnostic and surgical teams

With donors at the forefront, the QEII’s hybrid OR revolutionizes the traditional operating room.

A result of the QEII Foundation’s From the Heart campaign

Donors continue to change the game at the QEII – and the hybrid OR is no exception. Those passionate about heart health in our community stepped up in a big way for the QEII. The hybrid OR follows the additions of a new cardiac cath lab and a dedicated research fund to advance cardiac and vascular care. Together, donors contributed $4-million to the From the Heart campaign.

A $1-million lead gift from Stewart E. Allen is making the hybrid OR possible – setting a new standard for our community. A Nova Scotian living in Toronto, Stewart was recognized as a heart hero in his home Province in 2019.

 Stewart E. Allen, of Toronto (O.N.) was honoured with the Health of Gold award at the QEII Foundation’s Heart Heroes event on May 15, 2019 for his impact within heart health care and communities throughout the entire Atlantic region.