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    A donor-funded e-mental health tool for Nova Scotians, ensuring the right care is in place for people who need it.

Text4Support is one more mental health care tool in the hands of Nova Scotians who need support. Thanks to the generous support of 540 QEII Foundation donors who contributed $171,000, this innovative program will soon be available to everyone who needs it.

Dr. Vincent Agyapong, Chief of Psychiatry, Nova Scotia Health (Central Zone)
Chief of Psychiatry, Nova Scotia Health (Central Zone)
Dr. Vincent Agyapong

I believe Text4Support can contribute to revolutionizing mental health care in our province. Along with other e-mental health resources, it will help reduce the number of admissions and the number of people coming to emergency departments because they have better access to support.

Text4Support is not a substitute for face-to-face services for those who require it, but it is an added support and provides an immediate service for those who subscribe. This is just one other way to augment and expand the reach of our mental health services and help individuals and families right now.


E-mental health programs like Text4Support are as effective as face-to-face treatment.

When compared to the current care approach (including follow-up appointments and community care), local experts anticipate that Text4Support will result in:

20 PER CENT GREATER REDUCTION IN SYMPTOMS of depression and anxiety


10-25 PER CENT REDUCTION IN SERVICE UTILIZATION including psychiatric readmissions and emergency department visits

Joselyn Nelson - Text4Support participant
Text4Support participant
Joselyn Nelson

Each day I find the information, the little reminders and the hope-providers really helpful. Simple reminders like suggesting I reach out to family and friends for support when I need it make a difference to my wellbeing. I’m thankful for the donors who will help support this program for others who need it.



Innovative care like Text4Support would not be possible without generous donors like you.

Here are some of the key benefits their inspiring support has unlocked:

IMPACT 4,500 NOVA SCOTIANS who will participate in Text4Suport over the next three years.
REMOVE LOCATION BARRIERS and help close the treatment gaps, with daily text messaging complementing usual care.
DEVELOP AND SHAPE the Text4Support tool for future patients, using evidence-based data from and for Nova Scotians.


More questions about the Text4Support program and research study? Read the FAQs.

If you or a loved one needs help now, the Provincial Mental Health and Addictions crisis line is always available at 1 888 429 8167.