• Doctors using ortho robot in an operating room

    Ortho robot

    Revolutionizing joint replacement surgery at the QEII.

The QEII is home to Canada’s second orthopaedic robot. Fully funded by donors, the cutting-edge surgical technology and research is changing the game for orthopaedics in Nova Scotia.

Dr. Michael Dunbar, MD, FRSCSC, PhD, FCAHS
QEII Foundation Endowed Chair Arthroplasty Outcomes, QEII orthopaedic surgeon
Dr. Michael Dunbar, MD, FRSCSC, PhD, FCAHS

I can see knees and hips in ways I’ve never seen before. The robot is the vehicle that’s going to transition us into the new world of patient-specific surgery. We are grateful to the donors supporting orthopaedic surgical robotics.