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The QEII Foundation provided $9 million to the QEII Health Sciences Centre this past year, funding programs, equipment, technology, facilities, education and research initiatives. Your help is what makes this possible.

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A woman in a contemplative state.
With donor support, Nova Scotia’s first Ketamine Treatment Program will be established at the QEII Health Sciences Centre — providing life-changing treatment for the estimated 17,000 Nova Scotians living with treatment-resistant depression.
A woman sits in a yoga pose, facing large glass windows.
The QEII's Abbie J. Lane gym is an integral part of a patient's care journey, providing access to exercise and recreation that improve their overall health and well-being.
Nuclear Medicine
The QEII is on track to be the first health centre in Canada to have the most advanced nuclear medicine technology in the world — a game-changer for patients facing life-altering diseases.
Rehab Refresh
Transforming the province’s only specialized rehabilitation centre with cutting-edge technology, equipment and spaces.
Innovation Catalyst Fund
Accelerating health transformation and pushing innovation forward.
CT Sim technology
The CT Simulator is the one piece of equipment that has the greatest impact on every cancer patient undergoing radiation treatment at the QEII. Without it, radiation can’t happen.
Healthcare professional using laptop
Noona is a powerful digital tool connecting oncology patients and cancer care teams, impacting the delivery of care and cancer survivorship.

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