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    Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about the QEII Foundation and the work we do. 

Can I direct my donation to a specific department or unit of my choice?

Yes. When donors designate their gift for a specific purpose, their money is never used for any other purpose than what was initially stated. The QEII Foundation welcomes both designated and undesignated gifts. Undesignated gifts are directed towards the health centre's area of greatest need.

Does the Foundation welcome gifts of all sizes?

Absolutely. Every gift helps.

What privacy policies are in place at the QEII Foundation?

Please visit our privacy policy.

Does the QEII Foundation receive the proceeds from parking?

The QEII Foundation does not receive any of the proceeds from parking at the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

Why is the QEII Foundation raising money?

The QEII, like other health centres across the country, is funded by the Department of Health and Wellness. The health centre relies on the QEII Foundation for new equipment and research funding.

Does the QEII Foundation conduct door-to-door canvassing?

No. The QEII Foundation has never participated in any door-to-door fundraising.

Does the QEII Foundation have a donor calling program?

Yes. The QEII Foundation has a team of donor calling staff who connect with past donors to the QEII.

If at any time you would like to verify the authenticity of the individual conducting fundraising on behalf of the QEII Foundation, please check our staff listing or call 902 334 1546.

Does the QEII Foundation conduct mail appeals?

Yes. The QEII Foundation sends mail appeals to ask for help in the purchase of necessary equipment for the QEII.

Where can I find the QEII Foundation financial statements?

Financial statements can be found online. Hard copy financial statements can be found in our Annual Report which can be mailed on request. To request a hard copy, please email info@qe2foundation.ca or call 902 334 1546.

I am preparing an obituary announcement for a loved one. How do I reference the QEII Foundation for memorial donations?

Thank you for choosing the QEII Foundation to honour the memory of your loved one. Here is a sample of obituary announcement language you may use: Donations in memory of (your loved one) may be made to the QEII Foundation (optional: in lieu of flowers; in support of a care area: example: cancer care). To give, visit QE2foundation.ca, call 1 888 428 0220 or mail a cheque to the QEII Foundation, 5657 Spring Garden Road, Park Lane Mall, Box 231, NS, B3J 3R4.

Looking for additional assistance or information? We are here to help. Please contact Jennifer Grover at jennifer.grover@qe2foundation.ca or 902 442 7163. 

Registering for an appointment at the QEII? You may be asked if you want to share your contact information with us.

On March 1, 2019, the QEII Foundation launched a pilot project at the QEII’s registration kiosks. When you provide your contact information, we can connect you with QEII-related news and opportunities to advance health care.

Why does the QEII Foundation want to contact me?

People like you in our community are at the heart of advancing health care. Your generosity – whether you share your patient experience at the QEII or make a donation – will help transform health care.

What information will be shared with the QEII Foundation?

The QEII Foundation will receive your name and contact information only, upon your express consent by selecting ‘yes.’ No health-related information is ever shared with the QEII Foundation.

How does this project compare to hospital foundation practices in other provinces?

Each province has unique privacy laws. Our Nova Scotia privacy law requires express consent to contact patients, which we will acquire through the registration kiosks at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. This practice is what will enable us to contact patients directly and engage them with our mission to advance health care.

What are the benefits of participating in this project?

When you provide permission to contact you, we can share exciting developments at the QEII. The latest technology and most innovative treatments are made possible because of the generosity of the people in our community. We can also provide an opportunity for you to thank your care providers when grateful for your care.

What if I consent to the QEII Foundation contacting me but later change my mind?

You can opt out of contact at any time by contacting the QEII Foundation directly at 902 334 1546 locally or 1 888 428 0220 toll free. You can also email us at OptOut@qe2foundation.ca if you have questions or comments.

Is this legal for the QEII Foundation to directly contact patients?

Yes, this is compliant with legislation within the Nova Scotia Personal Health Information Act. We are asking for consent directly from patients who register at the kiosk station only. Only people who select ‘yes’ will have contact information shared with the QEII Foundation. Anyone who selects ‘no’ will not be contacted.