The gift that keeps on growing: Support the QEII Veterans Memorial Garden this Father’s Day

A veteran in a wheelchair enjoys the outdoors by a bench in a garden

The QEII Veterans Memorial Garden offers a safe, tranquil space for residents of the QEII Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building to enjoy the outdoors. 

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One of our featured items is a gift to Support the QEII Veterans Memorial Garden – a special place for the veterans who call the QEII Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building their home.

A garden oasis for veterans

A picture of the QEII Veterans Memorial Garden court
Pictured: The QEII Veterans Memorial Garden activity court allows residents to gather with other residents, friends, family members and community members for fun activities and events.

Tucked within grounds of the QEII Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building is a beautiful outdoor oasis known as the QEII Veterans Memorial Garden. This enclosed sanctuary is for the 175 building residents and their families to enjoy.

The garden is filled with greenery and flowers, towering trees for shade and beauty, and various sculptures, fountains and monuments, many with a commemorative theme to honour veterans.

The garden is wheelchair-accessible, with large, wide paths for residents to explore, and has tables, chairs, and benches for people to relax and socialize. Throughout the year, the foliage changes, and the space is decorated for the holidays.

“The garden was originally the vision of the spouse of a resident who lived here over 20 years ago,” explains Heather White, the health services director for Veteran Services and Geriatric Health Services at the QEII Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building.

“She looked at the space, which was originally a parking lot, and said we needed a spot to go outside and enjoy nature’s health and healing.”

The mental and physical benefits of being outdoors are extremely important – but can be challenging to access for those living in long-term care with a variety of health needs. Thankfully, the veterans at Camp Hill can enjoy a dedicated safe, outdoor area in the QEII Veterans Memorial Garden.

“The garden is an enclosed, private space for our residents,” Heather explains.

“Some may be living with health challenges like dementia. This area allows our residents to safely wander and be outside to socialize with family, friends, and other residents. They can enjoy nature – they can listen to the birds and the wind in the trees.”

Heather explains that the garden creates a lot of natural opportunities for residents to be physically active, as they have a destination to go explore and enjoy each day.

Residents enjoy recreation therapy activities in the garden like barbeques, socializing, and harvesting crops such as grapes and cucumbers.

The surrounding community is also invited into the space to entertain and enrich the lives of the residents, including several music performances.

Currently, thanks to the generosity of QEII Foundation and community donors, a new wheelchair-accessible activity pad is being constructed so that residents and their families can play games together like lawn bowling and bocce-ball.

“This garden adds an extraordinary amount of quality to people’s lives,” Heather explains. “It’s a truly special place.”

Generosity makes the garden grow

Irises in a garden
Pictured: Vibrant purple irises bloom in the QEII Veterans Memorial Garden. This beautiful sanctuary continues to be a safe haven for residents and their families thanks to the continued support of QEII Foundation donors and our surrounding community. 

Heather explains that the QEII Veterans Memorial Garden is sustained and continues to grow solely based on the generosity of our community – including incredible QEII Foundation donors.

“The garden only came to be because of visionary donors in the first place, and that’s how it continues to thrive,” she says.

“From the big things to the maintenance and upkeep, your support makes a big difference, and every little bit helps. Your donation allows the garden to continue to be a safe space but also for us to add to the space and help it grow.”

This Father’s Day, your gift to Support the Veterans Memorial Garden can help sustain and grow this outdoor sanctuary for the veterans who live at the QEII Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building, all while showing Dad you care. It makes a lovely gift for the father figure in your life with a green thumb, or someone who wants to show support for veterans.

“This really does make a great gift for any occasion,” says Heather. “The commemorative aspect of the garden is a great way for us to reflect and remember our veterans – all year round.”

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