Dr. Howard Conter and his family are matching all donations made to robot-assisted surgery


The family’s reason for giving is a personal one: Dr. Conter lost his father to prostate cancer when he was just 69 years old.

An estimated one in seven men in Nova Scotia will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Robot-assisted surgery is widely endorsed by physicians around the globe for the superior benefits it provides for prostate cancer patients who undergo a prostatectomy; a procedure that removes part or all of the prostate gland.

Dr. Conter’s donation is unlocking this critical treatment option for families who are touched by this devastating disease – like his own. His generosity also comes full circle as the family physician is now referring his own patients for robot-assisted surgery at the QEII.

Prior to the QEII receiving this technology as part of the trial, some care providers were sending their patients to the U.S. or other provinces for robotic prostatectomies and procedures.

With more than 34 years’ experience in family medicine, this is the first time that 

Dr. Conter has been able to offer robot-assisted surgery as a treatment option for his patients in their own backyard.

“I’ve already referred one of my patients for robot-assisted surgery and that procedure was a success,” he says. “To know that my patients will have access to state-of-the-art technology and the best treatment options available close to home – how could I not take part in this campaign?”

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Conter and his family, we have an opportunity to keep Atlantic Canada’s first surgical robot at the QEII and continue to transform cancer care for our loved ones.

You can support the one in seven with a gift today. Donate now at QE2Robotics.ca.

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