• Gallium-68 DOTATATE

    A better image can save a life.

    Help bring gallium-68 DOTATATE home to the QEII.

Local access to the most advanced care and technology is always important. A global pandemic only compounds that.

A more precise image can save a life

Best-in-class imaging, here at home.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the comparison photo here is a testament to that.

Both images are PET-CT scans of the same neuroendocrine cancer patient. The one on the left uses the current detection methods available in our region, while the right scan uses the gallium-68 DOTATATE tracer. As you can see, the gallium-68 DOTATATE scan (right) is able to detect the neuroendocrine tumour sites with unparalleled accuracy. This accuracy means a targeted treatment plan can be immediately put in place to address the needs of the patient.

Gallium comparisno

Bring better cancer imaging technology home.



Here are some of the key benefits of gallium-68 DOTATATE and the impact your generosity will have when you support this campaign:

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