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    Rehabilitation Program Endowment Fund

    Enhancing awareness and understanding, and promoting excellence in rehabilitation.

Supporting key pillars in the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre.

Congratulations to the recipients of the Rehabilitation Program Endowment Fund Grants for 2019!

Thank- you for all the 2019 Rehabilitation Program Endowment Grant submissions.  The adjudication committee consisting of Rehabilitation Program and QEII Foundation representatives reviewed thirteen proposals this year awarding $43,437 for the following projects. Some received full funding while others received partial funding. Since the inception of this Endowment Fund 22 years ago, the QEII Foundation has granted over $650,000 for special projects.


Submission Name

Amount Awarded

Assistive Technology Research/Clinical Studentship


Serial Vital Sign Monitoring in Rehab Patients with medical status changes


Shower Commode Chair for 8th floor


Vestibular Education Course




Wheelchairs for 7th floor


SENSe Assessment and Intervention Kit


Access to Health Services for Women with Multiple Sclerosis: A Canadian National Study


Pressure Mapping for pressure Injury Reduction, Prevention and Education.


Ready to help bring the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre to the next level?

This grant is available to individuals working in the rehabilitation program at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre which includes stroke, traumatic brain injury, the Amputee Program and the Assistive Technology Program.

For more information, please submit to the form below or contact: tanya.manthorne@qe2foundation.ca.