Heartfelt healthcare gift ideas for Father’s Day

A nurse with a QEII patient

Pictured: A QEII nurse with a patient in the QEII's Medical Day Unit, a space that treats patients from nearly every department in the hospital. Gifts through our QEII Better Care Gift Catalogue like Comforts of Home benefit patients in care areas like these with items like warm blankets, or the gift of Essentials for QEII Patients provides gift cards for QEII patients facing financial difficulty.  

With Father's Day quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to honour the father figure in your life in a truly meaningful way. This year, consider a present that expresses your appreciation while supporting a cause close to his heart.

Gifts from our QEII Better Care Gift Catalogue offer unique, thoughtful ways to show Dad you care while enhancing health care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. It's a gift and a donation wrapped in one, bringing joy to Dad and making a difference for health care – here at home for Atlantic Canadians.

Our catalogue offers easy ways to honour Dad in a personalized way to match his interests. Here’s how it works:

  1. Shop online at QE2Foundation.ca/shop
  2. Choose a Father’s Day gift and care area that reflects your loved one’s passion
  3. Personalize an e-card in their honour
  4. Benefit QEII patients and families in need through your gift!

To give you some ideas, we’ve gathered a selection of five heartfelt Father’s Day gifts to consider for your special father figure. Your thoughtful gesture will bring a smile to his face and benefit QEII patients and families. A win-win!

1. Essentials for QEII Patients

Helen Chan holds a purple thank you card

Pictured: Helen Chan reads a thank you note from a grateful patient who received support from the QEII Patient Essentials Fund.

Spread some joy through the gift of Essentials for QEII Patients!  Extra gas money, QEII parking passes, or help with grocery and personal care costs can make a world of difference for QEII patients in need.

Helen Chan, a staff chaplain in Spiritual and Religious Care at the QEII, has provided dozens of donor-funded gift cards to patients and sees first-hand the uplifting impact that the QEII Patient Essentials Fund has for patients.

“These gift cards are so meaningful and empowering. It’s a way to show patients and their families respect,” she says.

2. Art Supplies, Books and Entertainment

A display of artwork

Pictured: Artwork created by patients at the QEII’s Rehab Centre.

For the book-loving, creative, or academically inclined father figure, consider giving the gift ofArt Supplies, Books and Entertainment for QEII patients who may be staying in the hospital for inpatient care. Books, crafts, and other supplies bring a spark of fun to patients and their visiting family members, helping individuals pass the time spent in recovery in an uplifting way.

3. Inclusive Electronics

A nurse points at the Interpreter on Wheels

Pictured: A QEII nurse guides a patient through communication using the Interpreter on Wheels.

The gift of Inclusive Electronics to honour the tech-savvy dad helps bridge the communication gap between patients and their healthcare providers through technology. Pocket Talkers, a handheld device, amplifies sound to make communication clearer for the hearing impaired, while Interpreters on Wheels uses a portable iPad to connect to on-call interpreters in real-time, breaking down language barriers.

Dr. David P. Morris, a QEII otologist (ear surgeon) says that Pocket Talkers provide a simple yet effective way that patients can fully understand and consent to procedures and make better-informed decisions as they navigate their healthcare journey.

“The beauty of this device is in its simplicity and cost. Those who like it, like it a lot. We’ve even had some patients purchase these for themselves, as they’re much more affordable than a hearing aid,” he explains.

4. Highest Priority Needs

Nurses in scrubs train in the OR

Pictured: QEII nurses train in the operating room with the QEII's new spinal robotics technology

Pondering a gift idea for the dad who already has everything? Consider giving the present of Highest Priority Needs in his honour. You’ll empower healthcare teams to swiftly address pressing needs where the QEII needs it most – from cutting-edge surgical robotics technology, to heart health care to mental health priorities and more. This incredibly impactful gift will help ensure that QEII patients continue to receive a high standard of care throughout the health centre.

5. Outdoor Garden for Veterans

An outdoor photo of the Veterans' Memorial Garden

Pictured: The QEII Veterans' Memorial Garden. Wide, accessible walkways make it easy for veterans and families to safely explore the space.

The QEII Veterans’ Memorial Garden is a special sanctuary for the veterans who call the QEII Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building their home. The gift of Outdoor Garden for Veterans – a perfect way to show appreciation for the outdoorsy Dad – will support the garden’s upkeep, help maintain the accessible, scenic space, and support engaging activities and events for the well-being of veterans.

“The garden is an enclosed, private space for our residents,” explains Heather White, health services director for Veteran Services and Geriatric Health Services at the QEII Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building.

“Some may be living with health challenges like dementia. This area allows our residents to safely wander and be outside to socialize with family, friends, and other residents. They can enjoy nature – they can listen to the birds and the wind in the trees.”

Want to see more healthcare gift ideas? Explore our full selection of 15 gifts in our online QEII Better Care Gift Catalogue – where the perfect Father’s Day present for your loved one awaits!