A community supporting research is impacting heart patients

Dr. Jafna Cox
Study led by the QEII’s Dr. Jafna Cox aiming to improve QEII cardiac care.

A clinical trial involving more than 1,200 patients and 200 family doctors from across Nova Scotia is anticipated to improve outcomes for patients living with atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rate that increases a patient’s risk of stroke or blood clot.

Led by the QEII’s Dr. Jafna Cox, who has presented his work internationally, this trial was made possible by the generosity of QEII
Foundation donors.

This study will determine if a computer decision support system – a web-based tool – is effective in supporting the treatment and management of atrial fibrillation.

Endowed research chairs, like Dr. Jafna Cox, connect the QEII to global research. Catalysts for change, they support growth in a dedicated field. In partnership with donors, the QEII Foundation is building a generation of healthier Atlantic Canadians through the establishment of research chairs.

This study is anticipated to demonstrate reduced hospitalizations as a result of the web-based decision support system.

Once the results are published, Dr. Jafna Cox will continue to develop and evaluate web-based health management tools for atrial fibrillation – with a special focus on artificial intelligence.

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