• A woman sits in a yoga pose, facing large glass windows.

    Abbie J. Lane Gym

    A purpose-built space to support patients accessing mental health and addiction services through the QEII.

The QEII's Abbie J. Lane gym is an integral part of a patient's care journey, providing access to exercise and recreation that improves their overall health and well-being. Donors can play a critical role in revolutionizing the gym, creating a safe, accessible, multi-functional and modern hub for the more than 500 patients who benefit from it each year.

Your gift will create a vibrant, purpose-built gym for patients, leading to better treatment and outcomes. 



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Donors can play a critical role in revolutionizing the Abbie J. Lane gym, ensuring it is a resource available to every patient who needs it and supporting QEII care teams in treatment delivery.

Here are some of the key benefits when you support this project:

icon sport
Acquire more group-focused equipment and games like badminton and pickleball to provide opportunities for building a support network, socialization and relationship-building.
icon team
Help QEII healthcare teams deliver higher quality of care by ensuring on-site exercise options are available to include in treatment plans for patients.
icon  collaboration
Optimize the space for multi-use purposes creating multi-functional use and allowing more patients to use it at one time.
icon goal
Introduce exercise and activity to patients during their care journey, helping to build healthy lifestyle changes that they can carry forward once they leave Abbie J. Lane.
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Reduce inactivity for patients, which is more common in people with severe mental illness who engage in significantly less amounts of activity.
Icon modern
Modernize and add vibrancy to the gym, creating a welcoming and mood-boosting environment for patients and healthcare teams