• A man uses hand rails to stand during physical rehabilitation therapy.

    Rehab Refresh

    With donor support, patients will have better access to modernized equipment and technology during their rehabilitation care journey at the QEII, impacting their recovery goals and ability to regain their independence.

A life-changing illness or injury — like a stroke, spinal cord injury or amputation — can happen to anyone at any time. The Nova Scotia Rehabilitation and Arthritis Centre at the QEII is the province’s most specialized rehabilitation centre helping patients get their lives back following a life-altering event.

Together with our donors, the QEII Foundation is on a mission to raise $1.45 million to acquire advanced equipment and tools that will enable clinicians to better focus on each patient’s needs, abilities and unique potential during rehabilitation care.

Your donation today will address an urgent need to connect therapists and patients with the right tools, helping them regain independence and quality of life.




Four days before my daughter was born last June, a medical emergency left me with a spinal cord injury. I was at the Rehab Centre for five months and continue to receive weekly physiotherapy as I work towards my goal of walking again. Your support is needed to help patients like me meet my recovery goals with better access to modern technology and equipment at the QEII’s Rehab Centre.



Each year, 500 patients are admitted to the Rehab Centre at the QEII along with 30,000 visits for outpatient care. The projects outlined below will impact every patient who needs the Rehab Centre. Here’s what your support will create: 


Create a Balance & Mobility Lab: A new treatment and assessment space, benefitting nearly all patients at the Rehab Centre. With donor support, patients can access GaitRite, a specialized electronic walkway system used to analyze a patient’s walking patterns that inform customized treatment plans and improve outcomes. 


Acquire four critical neurorehabilitation devices: Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) technology helps patients regain motor skills by stimulating muscle activation in patients. The Rehab Centre does not currently have access to this game-changer.


Improve wait times and patient experiences: The Precision 180 Fluoroscopy System is a crucial piece of imaging equipment used in the care of patients recovering from stroke – 50 per cent of all NSRAC patients. This system will improve wait times and overall care experience.