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    Rehab Refresh

    Transforming the province’s only specialized rehabilitation centre.

What if donor support helped patients regain their independence following a serious injury or illness? What if access to the latest cutting-edge rehabilitation equipment and technology enhanced patient recovery and outcomes?



Each year, 500 patients are admitted to NSRAC along with 30,000 visits for outpatient care. The projects outlined below will impact every patient who visits NSRAC. Here’s what your support will do:


Create two new labs: The Upper Extremity Lab uses virtual reality technology to optimize patients’ rehabilitation for devastating hand, arm and shoulder limitations. The Balance and Mobility Lab is a safe space for patients relearning to walk.


Acquire four critical neurorehabilitation devices: Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) technology helps patients regain motor skills by stimulating muscle activation in patients. NSRAC does not currently have access to this game-changer.


Improve wait times and patient experiences: The Precision 180 Fluoroscopy System is a crucial piece of imaging equipment used in the care of patients recovering from stroke – 50 per cent of all NSRAC patients. This system will improve wait times and overall care experience.

Your support today will transform rehabilitation care at NSRAC. You can help patients regain their independence, getting back to the life and pursuits they love. Be part of the revitalization.




Here are more key benefits when you support the Rehab Refresh:



Optimize environments and spaces which contribute to improved mood, motivation and adherence to treatment.



Recruitment and retention of top medical talent who are attracted to centres offering the newest technology and equipment.



Enhance patient flow at the QEII by helping patients leave hospital faster and return to their homes and community.