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    Patient Reported Outcomes for Cancer Care

    Revolutionizing cancer care for patients and providers — impacting cancer care and delivery.

Noona is a powerful digital tool connecting oncology patients and cancer care teams, impacting the delivery of care and cancer survivorship. Donor support is needed to unlock its full potential for the 45,000 Nova Scotians receiving cancer care.

Nova Scotia is leading the country as one of two provinces using Noona, which actively engages patients and helps cancer care teams provide high-quality, evidence-based care more efficiently — before, during and after a patient’s treatments.

Your support will help transform the delivery of cancer care.




Enhanced Personalized Care

Noona will change the way clinicians deliver cancer care. It’s part of a larger oncology initiative through Nova Scotia Health – the Oncology Transformation Project (OTP) – that will bring oncology information systems together, in real time.

The outcome? Cancer care teams can easily track and monitor patients through the province, identifying the care needs and scheduling follow-up appointments and providing advice where necessary. Noona triages patient needs to ensure they get the right care at the right time. Making the best use of available resources while optimizing patient safety and outcomes.

As cancer rates continue to rise in Nova Scotia, Noona provides an innovative approach meeting patient needs.



A cancer diagnosis is a life-altering experience.

Having a tool that keeps patients connected to cancer care teams 24/7 impacts their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Noona directly effects key factors that contribute to survivorship rates.

Here are some of the benefits when you support Noona:

Provide faster, easier access to care for oncology patients
Formalize a survivorship program in Nova Scotia, which helps improve survival rates in cancer patients
Reduce emergency department visits with patients monitoring and reporting their symptoms from home
Improve cancer care coordination across Nova Scotia
Remove location barriers for people who live in remote or rural communities and have to travel for appointments
Set the standard for patient-recorded outcome assessments in Canada, with Nova Scotia leading the way as one of two provinces to implement this tool