QEII Foundation celebrates The Grace Hansen Therapeutic Pool


Halifax, Nova Scotia: Today marked a pool party like no other ‐ the celebration of a new therapeutic pool at the QEII Health Sciences Centre's Nova Scotia Rehabilitation and Arthritis Centre. With a gift of $1‐million, the Hansen MacDonald family of Colin MacDonald and Carol Hansen‐MacDonald, along with sons Nicholas and Luke, honoured Carol's mother and named the pool The Grace Hansen Therapeutic Pool.   

When the need arose to refurbish the therapeutic pool that was constructed in the 1970s, the QEII Foundation and rehabilitation staff joined together to launch the Revitalizing Rehab campaign. This campaign focused on bringing back the therapeutic pool, as well as constructing two activities of daily living suites, to improve recovery for the thousands of patients who visit the centre each year.  

The Hansen MacDonald family $1‐million gift led the Revitalizing Rehab campaign, which saw the community come together and raise $2.6‐million to complete the campaign. "My mother Grace always taught us to focus on the positives in our lives and to be thankful for each and every day," says Carol, who attended the therapeutic pool celebration along with Grace and other family members. "She is an inspiration to our family and we are thrilled that she will be celebrated every day through the healing waters of the pool, bringing hope and healing to those who need it most."  

With the Revitalizing Rehab campaign completed, The Grace Hansen Therapeutic Pool will open this summer with improvements beyond the pool structure.  

"We consulted with experts in the field of hydrotherapy to ensure we are providing the best care for patients," explained Randi Monroe, director, Rehabilitation and Supportive Care, QEII. "Change rooms were built to maximize independence and everything from the effects of the soft ceiling lights to the peaceful wall colours were purposely chosen to help patients in their road to recovery."

The QEII’s Rehabilitation and Arthritis Centre has changed countless lives, restoring quality of life and in many cases, getting patients back on their feet ‐ Michael Coady is one of those patients. He attended the pool celebration and brought heartfelt thanks on behalf of patients. "I was fortunate to have access to the therapeutic pool during my recovery and I am happy to hear that now, others will as well. The QEII's Rehabilitation and Arthritis Centre helped me regain my independence ‐ and will continue to help others reclaim their own independence for years to come."  

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