QEII Foundation announces $100 million fundraising goal to transform health care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre

Sherry Porter, We Are campaign chair

Sherry Porter, We Are campaign chair of engagement

A new QEII Health Sciences Centre is on the horizon and it’s the catalyst that has the QEII Foundation launching the largest ever healthcare fundraising campaign in the region.

The $100 million We Are campaign marks a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address some of the biggest issues in health care. Better access to care, first-in the-world technologies, improving wait times and patient outcomes, with research and innovation intersecting every project.

QEII Foundation donors have already raised more than $20 million toward the campaign goal. So far, some of the campaign milestones include:

  • Atlantic Canada’s first surgical robot (endometrial, prostate, kidney, ENT cancer surgeries)
  • Interventional Radiology Suites (the most minimally invasive procedures possible at the QEII)
  • Genetic sequencing technology (DNA analysis to provide targeted cancer care, reducing unnecessary treatments)
  • E-mental health services (accessed by anyone, at any time)

The We Are campaign will leverage the provincial government’s commitment to the QEII New Generation project; a massive, multi-year project that’s laying out how the province will meet the healthcare needs of Nova Scotians by developing new buildings and spaces to deliver care.

But buildings alone do not deliver care. That superior care is supported by brilliant healthcare experts, by advanced equipment, and by world-leading research that make medical breakthroughs possible. With the QEII Foundation’s vision and support, these opportunities become realities.

The pillars of the We Are campaign are surgical innovation, diagnostic imaging, cancer care, mental health, rehabilitation, heart health, and patient care essentials, and with a lens of research and innovation throughout.


“The QEII Foundation is on a mission to transform care for patients and their families from across Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada today and for future generations. With our communities by our side, we will raise $100 million to drive innovations in treatment, research and care through the QEII.”

- Susan Mullin, president and CEO, QEII Foundation

“The We Are campaign is a game changer. A true dial-mover that will boldly advance health care, evolve and improve the patient experience and tackle some of the greatest challenges in health care.

We are firmly committed to projects that reduce wait times, improve access to care, attract and retain the brightest minds in medicine, help our communities stay healthy, and enrich the patient experience with new technology and equipment.”

- Sherry Porter, Chair, We Are Campaign Engagement

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