What happens when a lab tech and a paramedic swap places at the QEII? Freaky Friday!

QEII Foundation Freaky FridayWe found two professionals who care for the same patients every day – whether face to face or behind the scenes at the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

Peter and Martin are two QEII professionals who share a powerful objective: to help patients get better. Prior to Freaky Friday, they had never met face-to-face. Let’s just say they had things to talk about.


Why Freaky Friday?

The work QEII professionals do every day changes lives – and teams, broadly across care areas, are often working together without ever knowing each other.

Freaky Friday builds relationships and compassion in a system that needs it. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get to know the humans of the QEII and why they love what they do – and share these stories with our community. We are QEII proud!

In case you are curious...

Freaky Friday is a volunteer-based job shadow event – in this case, “swap” isn’t literal. Peter wasn’t looking at your test results, nor was Martin looking after patients in Emergency. 



QEII Foundation Freaky FridayJohnson Insurance is committed to strengthening their relationship with staff across the QEII Health Sciences Centre. This opportunity, hands down, would not be possible without them. Thank you, Johnson Insurance, for all that you do for our healthcare teams!


Freaky Friday – Nomination REQUIREMENTS

  • Identify two unique QEII departments or team members who you think would learn or otherwise benefit from a role swap for one day.

  • If you work at the QEII, feel free to nominate yourself or your colleagues, but two unique teams/individuals must be indicated for a submission to count.

  • Consider individuals who can speak candidly on camera and who are comfortable sharing their work with a broad audience.

  • Be sure to connect with us on social using the hashtag #QE2FreakyFriday to share your hopes of being the next Freaky Friday swap.

  • Submission deadline is July 31

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