• Create a future without arthritis.

    Create a future without arthritis.

Help create a future without arthritis and related conditions. As part of a community that cares, you will help attract a leader in this field to the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

 “I know first-hand the impact that this research expert will have on my life and the lives of others living with these conditions. Arthritis, and related conditions like lupus, are very confusing. You can do all of the right things but it doesn't always work. The only reason I have come so far with my diagnosis is because of research. I owe my life – and my daughter’s life – to the care and research at the QEII.” - Erica

“I was only three years old when I was diagnosed with arthritis. Now, as a young Mom of two, it’s been an added struggle to raise young children while battling invisible yet debilitating arthritis flare ups. There have been significant advances in arthritis research since my diagnosis, but this research expert will provide advanced, life changing opportunities for people living with these conditions.” - Amy

Help activate arthritis research at the QEII.

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