QEII Foundation Comfort & Care grants are changing lives at the QEII

In some moments, the small things are actually the big things. A simple comfort item goes a long way. Our donors continue to fund items that improve the hospital experience for patients and families at the QEII. These projects do not receive funding from hospital operating budgets.

To date, our community has invested more than $1.3 million for comfort items like:

  • Exercise bikes for dialysis patients
  • Environmental control units (ECUs) for patients with limited mobility
  • Blanket warmers to ease the pain of treatment
  • Education material for patients and caregivers
  • Therapy lamps for patients with anxiety
  • Bedside furniture for families
  • Private rooms for families in crisis

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Donors to the QEII will continue to improve patient care by providing access to leading-edge equipment, such as:

  • The machines used to provide anesthesia to ensure patients are safe during surgery. These machines are used for over 27,000 surgical procedures each year at the QEII. The anesthesia machines deliver anesthetics and oxygen. Suppression of high-level functioning parts of the brain results in temporary memory loss and reduced awareness surroundings, providing safe surgical conditions for the patient.
  • The high-resolution ultrasound that begins the care plan for patients. These machines are used to diagnose a wide range of conditions from gallstones and kidney stones to more serious conditions such as heart disease, and malignant or benign tumours. The results from these tests allow physicians to interpret the images, diagnose the problem and formulate the most effective treatment plan.
  • As technology evolves, newly developed medical equipment provides opportunities to improve patient safety and elevate the level of care in operating rooms. When physicians have access to leading-edge technology and equipment, more patients will experience those life-changing moments.


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The QEII Foundation inspires generosity to advance health care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. With financial support from all levels of the community, the Foundation helps fund new technologies, research, innovation and education that contribute to life-changing moments experienced every day by patients and their loved ones.



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